Commercials & Rom-Com Underscore from Eric Gardner!

Commercials & Rom-Com Underscore from Eric Gardner!

UnknownWhat do you do after you’ve toured, backed and/or recorded with Gnarles Barkley, Cypress Hill, Iggy Pop, Perry Farrell, Norah Jones, Morrissey, Wayne Kramer, The MC5, The Motels, Tom Morello, Streetsweeper Social Club and Slash? And drummed on film scores TALLADEGA NIGHTS, IRON MAN 2, JACKASS 3D and BATTLESHIP?

If you’re Eric Gardner, you do something very different and compose 50 hot, brand new, irresistible modern cues for commercials, promos and in-show use. And that’s just what he did!

Check out a few highlights from the collection here:

Going Home
Motel Room
Bright Day

Perfectly versatile for your 30-second commercials! And the easiest rom-com turn-around score for sweet spots in need of a little something extra.

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