PHM is a full service catalogue for motion picture advertising that creates original music and scores for trailers, commercials, television and film. As a company, PHM maintains freshness in its music catalogue by providing the highest production quality, securing the most innovative talent and taking the most unusual approaches to composition.

As the face of production music continues to change, PHM continues to remain a frontrunner of the pack – pushing boundaries and establishing trends.

PostHaste Music Team

Steve Sellers, owner
Steve was the Manager of Business Affairs at Carolco Pictures. Responsible for the administration of the company’s entire music catalog, this monumental task involved publishing, royalty collection and payment, and licensing of the entire body of work. Since the company was bought by French powerhouse StudioCanal in 1996, Steve has been responsible for the worldwide music and film clip marketing of the StudioCanal catalog, which contains over 7,000 films. Steve’s music and clip licensing experience is worldwide and encompasses all of the major studios, networks and various advertising agencies.


Maggie Jaus, marketing director
With a background in PR and Communications, her prominent DC-based music blog gave her the exposure and experience to prompt a cross-country move for a full-time industry role at PHM.



Barefoot Music creates original score music, and develops audio branding for some of the most popular and widely recognizable companies and television shows in the entertainment industry.


In 2012 a wonderful thing happened in the trailer and promo world. One of the busiest theatrical editors/musicians and one of the most respected Hollywood Recording Engineers came together and created Accidental Sound. The trailer and promo gods smiled down and blessed this creative union and the two young men have gone forth and produced unearthly sound designs.

Johnny O’Neil, editor and longtime musician, and Albert Mata, recording engineer extraordinaire, continue to create the best, most original sound design available today. Knowing from their own experiences what was needed by their fellow editors they went into the studio and using live instruments, their computer skills and imagination they created a versatile array of sound designs. Thus proving the old adage “If you want something done right, sometimes you just gotta do it yourself” to be be true. These two editors and engineers have given their fellow brethren an invaluable tool to help make their trailers and promos sparkle and shine!

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